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August 29, 2013
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R-D App: Maria Hoshina by J3Mimi R-D App: Maria Hoshina by J3Mimi
for :iconrabbito-dauto:

i hope this looks alirght, took way longer then i thought XDD. oh well.

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Name: Maria Hoshina

Alias: Mari

Age: 18

Birthday: October 6

Gender: Female

Weapon: Double balded pocket knife

Opinion on What's Happening
Just think some pervert sicko has to much free time to be kidnapping people, so she isn't really taking it seriously. And doesn't really care about anyone else unless they pose a threat. But doesn't show it. well she will act nice for now, and see what everyone is like.


Maria has a facade she has behind, Always seen smiling and being respective to her fellow people and is well mannered and caring. which kind of started getting her the nick name Saint Maria. But behind the mask of smile's and being sweet is a foul mouth bad attitude woman. who won't be afraid to tell you how it is, and is rather the opposite then what she lead's on people to believe. But she rather hid that side with a fake smile, since she had's her family name and reputation to uphold.

Likes / Dislikes
+ Honest people
+ interesting thing's
+ challenges
+ adventure's
+ loyal people
+ bitter thing's

- suck up's
- liars
- sweet's
- the dark
- dog's
- loud noises

Maria grew up in a strict family house hold. With her Father being a well known painter and her mother being Noh Mai dance teacher, a former famous Noh Mai dancer her self. Maria being the only child, grew learning how to follow in her mother's foot step's being forced basically to take after her mother.
Having such strict parent's and schedule, Maria didn't have many friend's during school in till she hit high school. After her first debut doing a dance she practiced for and being well known by her family name. people began to flock to her. always praising her and envying her. but Maria knew they were only trying to get close to her cause she was rich, finding this out the hard way when. her 'best friend' ditched her in the middle of the city, cause her parent's stopped giving her allowance cause she got a bad grade.
Maria took quite hard, and thus began to start hating and suspecting everyone around her. and cursing her family. Now Maria keep's everyone at bay, not really wanting friend's since they are all selfish. and using anyone to her advantage to get to the top and find her own place in life, instead of following in some one's step's like a puppet.

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